Located at 436 Canning Hwy, Attadale chiropractic has convenent off road parking in Prinsep Road.


    This prize winning building has a warm welcoming reception room has a hospitality bar, generous reading material and a children’s play area.


    As a senior WA doctor of chiropractic, during five decades of practise, I have cared for tens of thousands of patients who proved the effectiveness of philosophy-subluxation based chiropractic.

    My primary role as a chiropractor has been is to detect, reduce, and help prevent subluxations using chiropractic adjustments to the spine in a quick manner by hand or special instrument. The intent is to assist the body to restore normal nerve function, joint motion and function, thereby reducing or eliminating subluxation related symptoms.

Who Will Greet You?

For brevities sake we refer to our valued and competent receptionists as CAs (chiropractic assistants). Jayne has been a CA for around 25 years and Dawn for 5 years. I invite patients who have odd and unusual subluxation related symptoms (cloudy thinking, can’t get words in order, blurry vision etc.) that responded well to tell the CAs. Creating a unique big mental file helps the CA later on when a prospective patient phones to ask if chiropractic may help that same odd symptom.

Who Sees Us? 

Our family oriented practise caters for mothers to be, later their small babies, children, sports people and a range of people across all ages who exceed their bodies emotional and/or physical stress bearing tolerance.

With the fast pace of life, your time is important to both you and us. Our family focused practice is comfortable and relaxed with an understanding of your other time commitments. 

This Chiropractic's Role

Michael McKibbin’s chiropractic journey began in the 1920s. After a car accident, medical treatment failed to alleviate his symptoms. Later, chiropractic care removed the cause of those symptoms. That led to him attending and graduating as a chiropractor at the Palmer school of chiropractic in Davenport Iowa USA; where chiropractic first began.

At that time, senior chiropractic students took the same basic sciences examinations as, and in the company of, senior medical students. Michael McKibbin passed the Iowa State basic science examinations in Des Moines.  

In the 1960’s, Western Australia (WA) was the first Australian State to register chiropractors. WA had few chiropractors and needed more chiropractors.  He made the wise choice to establish a practice in Attadale. Michael McKibbin’s early career experiences, with various sporting clubs including association with East Fremantle football club, gave him an appreciation of managing sporting injuries.

Dr McKibbin has tested what he learnt as a student chiropractor by locating and adjusting spinal faults in tens of thousands of patients.  He watched in awe as the patient’s inborn intelligence responded to subluxations being adjusted.  (We need a hyperlink site for terms.)

Removing that disruption to the nervous system coincides with relief of a few evidence based, and a far wider array of probably never to be evidence based, subluxation related symptoms. Hence the care he delivers is based upon what happened with tens of thousands of previous patients as well as upon current best evidence and guidelines.

His 50 years’ experience has allowed him to adjust subluxations that occurred in birthing babies, toddler’s falls, the rough and tumble of youth, the physical, chemical and emotional stressors of adult life and falls in old age and a range of non-human patients. (Photo of kids, dog, cat and a black rabbit)

Their outcomes validated that it does not matter if a spine is vertical or horizontal. Vertebrates subluxate and respond well to chiropractic care. 

The basic function of our nervous system’s control is total integration of all functional activities, a big job considering that the current guesstimate is that there are some of 37.2 trillion cells in the human body. Our nervous system exerts control over everything we say, think and do.

  • What to Expect as a New Patient

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    What to expect on your first visit to the Attadale Chiropractic Clinic.

    You will be welcomed into our award winning building that won both state and national awards. There is a large carpark, a hospitality bar, a children’s play area and spacious ambient waiting room.

    Not knowing what to expect can often make any of us a little apprehensive and nervous.  Hence it is a priority to welcome you to our friendly environment. We hope that you will be made to feel totally at ease. Our experienced staff try to do what it takes to ensure that your visit with us is a pleasant one and will if they can, answer any of your questions.

    If you need reading glasses, use an appointment book or have spinal x-rays please bring these with you. Please arrive ten minutes prior to your appointed time to fill in our entrance form.


    Chiropractic’s main claim to fame is its success with back-neck pain and headaches leaving a public impression that is the extent of its role. New patients complete a health care questionnaire based on disruption to the nervous system.

    We will discuss the array of symptoms that reflect the wide body influences of your spine related nervous system.

    What was the original cause of your disorder and when did that happen? Replies often reveal how decades ago, an accident or injury permanently changed ideal spinal alignment and function, leading to today’s degenerative joint disease (DJD), and its symptoms. A few adjustments will not restore their youth, but may silence their symptoms.

    Degenerative joint disease can be left to continue. Or, ongoing chiropractic care can be used in an attempt to improve alignment and function. As a chiropractor, it makes sense to me to include lifetime chiropractic care as an integral part of an overall health care plan.

    The consequences of lifelong spinal abuse and neglect become apparent in seniors. Long neglected spinal mechanical and structural faults lead to unnecessary premature degeneration and chronic symptoms in adults. By neglect I mean that patients experience increasing subluxation related symptoms; aches and pains announcing something is wrong. Patients mask those symptoms with drugs rather than having a chiropractor locate and reduce their causes.

    I have been a guest speaker at numerous service clubs to alert seniors to: “Listen to what your body is telling you!” Spinal care should be a lifelong affair.


    The spine is composed of motion unites, vertebrae and discs. They unite to form a flexible protective conduit housing your spinal cord and the nerves emitting from it. The focus of the examination is to define functional faults that may give rise to an amazing array of symptoms.

    Many/most people have injuries that create a loss of spinal structural and mechanical integrity. The chiropractor may refer you to a local imaging center for a spinal x-ray. Medicare usually rebates the costs. If for some reason, e.g. foreign tourist, they are not always rebateable the charges may need to be paid by the patient.

    3 Reasons for Chiropractic Care.

    Our reasons for care is simple. Health is amongst our most valuable possessions. Its loss makes health’s recovery a priority. Millions of people who have lost some aspect of their health, have consulted chiropractors and recovered. Chiropractors offer two phases of care.

    1. Relieve a patient’s current symptoms.

    We understand that people have different expectations when they first visit our practice. Some are “whooshers” as soon as they feel better “whoosh” they are gone. Others are looking for management of an old underlying problem. Some seek to maintain long term, drug free optimal health. 

    So we start with relief care which involves:

    Discovering the basic cause of your health problem.

    Proposing a trial period of care to confirm and if possible reduce, or correct that cause.

    Encourage patients to assist in their own recovery.

    Clarify the value of maintaining a long term optimal drug free, healthy lifestyle.

    1. Aiming to Retain a State of Wellness.

    The world’s multitrillion illness industry greatly profits from an illness provoking lifestyle and as symptoms occur, treating them with drugs and/or surgery.

    Chiropractors see true health as a journey, not as a destination. It attracts patients who seek to gain and retain optimal health, with no, or minimal use of drugs and/or surgery. Chiropractic puts nothing into, nor takes anything from, the body.

    1. It is your journey, you are in charge.

    As a patient you may choose to employ a chiropractor to aid your recovery from a health problem.  The chiropractor and staff members serve your best interests. It’s your body, your own health, your future! We hope to make appropriate recommendations and work together to achieve your goals.

    By making an appointment to discuss your health goals you can take the first step towards relief. Call Attadale Chiropractic Clinic today on 93305298

  • An introduction to "Subluxation"

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    In 1895, D.D. Palmer assumed that spinal bones could move out of place and influence the transmission of impulses between the brain and an organ. He removed that nerve interference and proved that could assist the body to restore normal function of an organ.

    Palmer coined the terms chiropractic and subluxation. My chiropractic career has given me the opportunity to test Palmer’s theory on tens of thousands of patients.

    Philosophy-subluxation based chiropractic was not complimentary Medicine, nor was it an alternative to Medicine. It was a separate and distinct profession.

    I found that: 1) Joints may lose their normal ranges of motion and position and adversely influence the transmission of impulses between the brain and an organ. 2) Restoring normal ranges of motion and position assisted the body to restore normal function of an organ. Chiropractic is the management of choice for subluxation related disorders.

    Super-simplistically: The vertebrae may have lost their normal position, their joints lose normal ranges of motion and this disrupts the nerve circuit that the vertebrae are supposed to house and protect. That applies to all spines of humans and many spines of non-human vertebrates.

    Telecom towers aid a five bar level of communication. A three bar reception is garbled, unintelligible.

    We all have a bio-electrical system which is subject to interference. Some people go through life with a two or three bar, flawed reception. “I never feel as good as I should.” “I always catch whatever is going around.” “Other people have far more get up and go and get more out of life.”

    They may be among the many people whom you will meet who may benefit by your referring them to us for care.

    Individual subluxations have unique histories and effects. On a global scale and relating to billions of vertebrates, disruptions to the spine related nerve communication may create a wide array of symptoms.

    Some are, rarely, probable never, exactly identical in a large number of patients and so do not conform to the scientific criteria of being totally identical and infinitely reproducible in every aspect in different individuals. Most can never-ever be ‘evidence based’.

    My chiropractic care is based on the fact that interferences to the nervous system that may inhibit self-regulating, and self-healing mechanisms of the human body. My approach to better health is to locate and remove nerve interference so that the body may achieve an overall state of wellbeing.

  • Am I a candidate for chiropractic care?

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    May I take the liberty of using my own experience as a young man who was a medical patient?

    After a car accident, in spite of our very well regarded family GP treating my debilitating symptoms for months, the symptoms did not subside.

    A relative recommended that I try chiropractic, which I knew little about. I wondered: Am I a candidate for chiropractic care?

    The chiropractor’s approach was very different. He explained that he would not be treating my symptoms as my GP had done.

    Instead he would investigate if disruption to the communication between my brain and my spine related nervous system was causing my symptoms. If that was so, possibly he could correct that cause.

    The GP had not checked to see if I had lost my full ranges of neck motion or if I had fixated vertebral joints in my neck. The chiropractor showed me that I had both. His x-rays displayed a loss of normal alignment.

    He suggested that those vertebral subluxations may be creating my symptoms. By correcting them, he predicted that my symptoms would go. In a short time getting rid of the cause of my symptoms resolved my problem.

    My original chiropractor and those I have met during my career share the obvious truth that chiropractic is not a cure all. We know that it has the potential to remedy the cause of a very wide array of spine related symptoms.

    So going back to the question, am I a candidate for chiropractic care? If you want to investigate what is causing your symptoms and if possible correct that cause, chiropractic may be for you.

    Australia’s 1977 Web Report noted a majority of chiropractic patients had previous medical treatment and failed to get a satisfactory outcome. Later they consulted a chiropractor about the same symptoms and most shared such a satisfactory outcome from chiropractic care that they would not hesitate to recommend ailing relatives and friends.
    During my last 50 years, virtually all of my tens of thousands of patients share a history of medical treatment that focused on their symptoms. Later they wanted to know: 1) Can chiropractic reduce or eliminate the cause of my symptoms? 2) Am I a candidate for chiropractic care?

    You may be interested in the range of symptoms that patients arrive with.


    The subsequent examination aids in answering: Do I have a spine related symptom?

    How one views the body dictates how one interprets subluxation related symptoms. My GPs focus was entirely on my symptoms.

    As a chiropractor, I view the body as governed by a controlling inborn intelligence which uses symptoms to announce malfunction. Those symptoms will usually go after I locate and adjust the subluxation that is causing that malfunction.

    My physical examination defines fixations which may confirm the account given by the patient of how the joint/s incurred excessive loading.

    Over decades and internationally, millions have shared the similar sequence of medical treatment in which drugs and/or surgery failed to diminish their subluxation related symptoms.

    Medical treatment can continue for as long as the subluxation continues to generate symptoms. Seen as a global pharmacy based market, locking millions of patients into ongoing wrong treatment for subluxation related symptoms has greatly profited medicine.

    Conversely, if instead, ethical medical practitioners were educated to discover subluxation related disorders and to refer them to a chiropractor for resolution, doing the right thing could have cost global Medicine billions of dollars in lost ongoing revenue.

    Millions of failed medical patients have gone on to have their subluxations located and adjusted with good outcomes. This is big statement: My validation changed my foundational beliefs and what flows from them.

    Spinal motion units that are degenerated, or have been severely traumatised may never regain their former ability to bear stress. If and when that patient exceeds that motion unit’s lowered stress bearing tolerance, she/he may find that component is vulnerable to recurrent subluxations and their attending symptoms.

    We all share a lifelong, personal responsibility to be aware of our own physical vulnerability and to avoid exposing that vulnerability, to chemical, physical and emotional self-abuse.

    Ignoring that responsibility gives rise to many/most life style disorders. For many, lifelong health was once an attainable goal until they voluntarily exceeded their own emotional, physical and/or chemical stress bearing tolerance to a degree that eventually caused permanent harm or death.

    According to the accounts by thousands of patients of how they acquired subluxations a high proportion arose from ignoring, or unnecessarily risking, their own physical vulnerability.

    In the first instance, avoid acquiring subluxations. For those who have chronic recurrent subluxations; minimise them by using regular maintenance care.

  • How Does Subluxation Based Chiropractic Work?

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    Many/most patients share a history of medical failure for the same disorder that they consult us about. Hence they are not looking for a repeat of a medical consultation, examination and more similar treatment of their symptoms.

    There is a process common to long established, subluxation based chiropractic practices. There has been tens of thousands of patients who had the subluxations contributing their symptoms. A chiropractor examined their spines, located the subluxation/s and adjusted it or them. A majority improved and went on to recommend others.

    Initially most patients seem to wonder if they are going to improve under chiropractic care. In initial personal experience, I had two goals, get out of symptoms and get out of the office. That proved to be a dismal failure. My subluxations were well established and tended to reoccur during initial care.

    Chiropractors are not in the miracle business.

    Usually within the first 3-5 visits, most patients may start to experience enough changes to know they are getting the right care.  And over a few weeks find increasing continuity of symptom reduction.

    But there are many factors that may interfere with the patient’s progress. Is this a lifelong disorder, did it start yesterday. Are you getting the proper peace, relaxation, rest, exercise and nutrition? Otherwise are you in good health? Do you keep your appointments?  Do you gallop race horses at 4am and occasionally fall off?

Kids and Chiropractic

As a young family man, Dr McKibbin shared an interest common to most chiropractors, caring for infants and children. He saw that early chiropractic intervention benefits both children and parents.

Recognising that many spinal problems begin in childhood, he has lectured about spinal care to students in many schools. Recognising that long neglected spinal mechanical faults lead to premature degeneration in adults, he has been a guest speaker at numerous service clubs.

The Chiropractic Association of Australia

Dr McKibbin recognised that newly registered chiropractors and their patients have many needs. For decades he served in various Association positions, including WA state president. He continues to be a self-appointed active political lobbyist who has urged generations of MPs to give chiropractic equal treatment under the law.

Where We Are

436 Canning Hwy, Attadale WA 6156

(08) 9330 5298

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