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A Decision From the Dark Side

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In 1895 an adjustment of vertebrae restored hearing to a partially deaf man. That outcome gave rise to a hypothesis that specific spinal faults, called subluxations, cause symptoms and that correcting the cause of the symptom, the subluxation and the subluxation related symptoms will go.

Over a century later, millions of patients have tested whether or not their symptoms were or were not subluxation related. A century of discerning consumer choice followed by many successful outcomes has validated that chiropractic hypothesis. 

Australia's 1977 Webb Report noted this sequence; “the majority of chiropractic patients have attended a medical practitioner for the same specific symptoms they presented to the chiropractor. …. The majority of patients in those studies had discarded conventional medical therapy because of failure to obtain relief --i

The Webb Report also noted high levels of satisfaction among chiropractic patients and that patients would not hesitate to recommend ailing relatives and friends. Apparently, millions of patients have experienced ‘Webb’s sequence’

According to “Prevalence and cost of alternative medicine in Australia”. The Lancet Vol 347 March 2 1996 pages 569 to 573, an estimated 15% of Australia’s population over the age of 15, attend chiropractors pa; at that time over 2,500,000 patients. A more recent study, commissioned by the publication, Australian Doctor and the drug company Pfizer Australia showed chiropractic was by far the most popular of what they termed alternative therapies surveyed. The study was a national survey of 1250 patients in Australia. The results showed that 34% of patients had visited a chiropractor.ii

Webb’s sequence of medical failure followed by chiropractic success reflects the outcome of medically treating subluxation related symptoms while leaving the cause of the symptoms, the subluxations, to remain unrecognised, unannounced and unaddressed; which could be for decades. Later having a chiropractor locate and adjust the subluxations provided relief of the subluxation related symptoms.

As long as the cause of their symptoms remained unrecognised, unannounced and unaddressed, the symptoms may require continuing medical treatment and medical income will be derived. Later when the cause of the symptom, their subluxations was corrected, the subluxation related symptoms diminished or went thus ending that continuity of that medical income. That happening seems to be all too common. 

Another gauge is the prevalence of spine related disorders in a GP’s practice. For example in Canada; Over 30 percent of all visits to general practitioners are for back and spine related problems.iii When patients go to chiropractors, they rarely ever return to MD for back or spinal related problems, thus threatening income from one third of all medical visits.iv

Seen on a global stage and over decades many millions of chiropractic validations could collectively, translate into in a multi-billion loss of medical income. Trapped between an oath to place patient interest above the doctors' professional and financial well being or forfeiting a large part of “income from one third of all medical visits”, forced an extremely cynical decision by the dark side of Medicine.

As I understand it, subluxations are fail-safe mechanisms that are common to humans and some other vertebrates. The total global value of the turf that medical opposition to chiropractic defends may be worth many billions of dollars per annum.

In effect the despicable decision was to deny the validity of the chiropractic hypothesis, ignore the subluxations, continue medical treatment for the symptoms, retain that income.

Patients who experienced having their subluxations ignored and continuing medical treatment for the symptoms and then found relief through chiropractic see the decision by the dark side of Medicine as a betrayal. 

During a chiropractor’s career thousands of such medical betrayals are evidenced. These patients understand that with regard to subluxation related disorders that GP may be untrustworthy. That could be the reason why they ‘rarely ever return to MD for back or spinal related problems’. 

As patients come to know about the medical profession’s support of trading arrangements that stem patient flow to chiropractors, they realise that in matters chiropractic, there is an untrustworthy dark side to Medicine. 

I welcome constructive critiques from chiropractors.  

i Report of the committee of enquiry into chiropractic, etc. April 1977. Aust. Govt Publishing Services Canberra 1977 P49
iii Squandering Billions; health care in Canada. Bannerman, Gary et al . Publisher Hancock House page 213
iv Ibid page 235


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