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Denying Patient Access to Information

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Concealing Chiropractic Case Histories 

Federally, legislation bans the use of testimonials by registered health care providers. Did you notice the mainstream media continues to publish medical drug related testimonials?

Well informed chiropractors share an awareness of  the health care Establishment's betrayal of public interest by both its support of containment and of its failure to forewarn about the iatrogenic epidemic/pandemic.  

The PR illusion of an altruistic ethical health care Establishment is shattered when one owns the understanding that people in power directly or indirectly support restraints of trade that deny millions of patients access to and knowledge about appropriate chiropractic care while exposing them to the real risk of iatrogenic harm.

Laws that deny patients access to this type of information may protect the commercial interests of those who profit due to that ignorance, but they betray the interests of patients who need this information.  Let us focus upon one organ that few relate to chiropractic.

Decades ago a video was played at a national chiropractors’ association meeting.  The video presented an ophthalmologist (the branch of medicine which deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye) ‘cranking’ a neck.  He used the term ‘cranking’.   

The anesthetised patient was lying on her/his back.  He took the patients head turned it as far as it would turn and then gave it a jerk so that the patient’s face was almost facing the floor. The audience of chiropractors cried out as one.  He repeated the maneuver the other way and again their was a loud outcry from the audience. 

Then the chairman of the meeting asked the audience if the chiropractors' association should support the ophthalmologist’s research, no one voted for that support. 

The ophthalmologist's research and his favourable outcomes were published.  He appeared on Sixty Minutes. Later at a conference, I had breakfast with him, he correctly predicted that he would soon be deregistered for something along the line of practicing in a manner not becoming of a medical practitioner.

His apparently good outcomes were not at issue with either the chiropractors nor with the medical Board.  The crucial point of this story is that the needs of patients who have subluxation related eye disorders were not the key issue.



There are evil people in power who do nothing to publish adequate forewarnings about, or better still ban carcinogens in foodstuffs.

Some bastard from the dark side conspired to have APHRA ban all registered health care providers using patient testimonials. That effectively denies 'should be chiropractic patients' of their liberty to access information about the results that they may gain from chiropractic care.

Hence I cannot publish the remarkable story about how, as a boy Gerald Clum, later D.C, and President of Life Chiropractic College was going blind and then he.... sorry that would be illegal!

In my opinion, this type of patient history should be available to people who need that information.




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Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


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