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Articles of Interest

What is in Chiropractic for me and my family?


Intellectually; you may have a paradigm shift!  

Physically; your health may improve! 

Emotionally; you may experience an array of improved feelings!


How does it work.

We vertebrates share a fail-safe mechanism. When exposed to excessive emotional and/or physical and/or chemical stress, motion units of the spine may lose their normal position, range of joint function and interfere with a part of the spine related nervous system.  Chiropractors refer to these changes as ‘subluxations’. 

If you are subluxated it is up to you to have a chiropractor check and reset your fail-safe mechanism. 

Opportunities to go on absorbing journeys of discovery.  

The little idea about chiropractic is that it is limited to chiropractic only being effective for back and
neck pain and headaches.

The big idea begins with grasping the true controlling influence of our visceral and musculoskeletal
nervous system, the spine related nervous system. With that scope of influence in mind, ask as many
experienced chiropractic patients as you can find what were all of the changes that they felt prior
to and after having chiropractic care.

An adequate amount of that research will help you to discover the extent of the variety of subluxation
related symptoms, that many people have them and that there is something very strange about the
chiropractic hush-hush.

If over decades millions of people have subluxation related disorders and chiropractic was effective
and cost effective, why have medical spokespersons continued to besmirch chiropractic’s reputation?

Australia’s investigative journalist, John Archer guesstimated Australia’s iatrogenic death toll to be
around 50,000. That year the death toll due to chiropractic was zero!! I do not know why the Board
guidelines forbid chiropractors from saying that Chiropractic is safer than Medicine. I trust this
information does not contravene the Board guidelines.

Why has public health education given chiropractic virtually no publicity?

Why and how is chiropractic kept out of public health?

The mainstream media’s public image of the medical profession and our government is one of an
unquestionably altruistic, ethical and trustworthy part of society.

When looking for facts the reader will discover that many facts are turned upon their head. My own
journey took me from the comfort of ignorance, of unquestioning belief to discovering massive
corruption and great wrongdoing. That the people I have to trust are dangerously untrustworthy.

Please, when something that I have written does not ring true to you, discuss it with me or email
me at and let me check on it.


Enjoy your journey, 

Michael McKibbin DC


Your Chiropractor

Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


October 2010
This is the October 2010 newsletter.

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