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“Hold on!” A Trustworthy Health Establishment?

We looked for Iraq’s WMDs, instead we found oil.  Funny that. 

Do you believe that giving Medicine a multimillion dollar trading advantage and control over a virtually competition free trading environment protects patient and public interests?   Or is this motive another example of turning fact upon its head? 

Two quotes from the book “Squandering Billions; health care in Canada” reflect that if legislators permitted public patients direct access to Medicare funded chiropractic care it could threaten “income from one third of all medical visits.”  “Over 30 percent of all visits to general practitioners are for back and spine related problems”[i] “When patients go to chiropractors, they rarely ever return to the MD for back or spinal related problems, thus threatening income from one third of all medical visits.” [ii] 

Spinal problems affect millions of Australians and are said to account for $4.6 billion of Australia’s total allocatable health expenditure and are the third largest contributors to direct health expenditure. 

Wilk v AMA[iii] a US restraint of trade trial, exposed a conspiracy to “first contain and eventually eliminate the chiropractic profession”. If the chiropractic profession had have been eliminated the medical profession probably stood to secure the income from “from one third of all medical visits” to GPs and gain monopoly control over the management of subluxation related symptoms. Therein lies a multibillion dollar motive for organised medicine’s international turf war against chiropractic. 

That medical conspiracy highlighted a term, to first contain and eventually eliminate the chiropractic profession. Containment is about using a set of restraints of trade to create a virtual monopoly. 

Long ago the health Establishment in many countries had supported the use of similar trade barriers to restructure one illness industry into two market places. With few exceptions, governments confine funding and public patient direct access exclusively to those practicing under medicine’s broad umbrella giving them virtual monopoly rights. In Australia some 50% of health care consumers may shop in the public health marketplace and so are denied direct Medicare funded access to chiropractic care. 

What do you think is behind the arrangements that exclude chiropractors from the public health marketplace while containing our trading rights within the small private health marketplace? Many public patients who have subluxation related disorders would be unaware of the covert efficient restraints of trade which impact upon their rights regarding:-

Direct access to Medicare reimbursed chiropractic care?    (None).

Direct access to in hospital care by a chiropractor? (None)                                                    

Direct access (legally) to a chiropractor within the armed services?    (None).

Direct access to a chiropractor as a department of Veterans Affairs recipient?    (None).

Direct access to a chiropractor while in prison?       (None).

Government funded public health education re chiropractic?   (None for decades).

It turns fact upon its head to claim that these trade barriers serve patient and public interests. Over decades, I have told many power brokers that not having chiropractors correct their cause of the subluxation related symptoms that occur among public patients, betrays those interests.

A typical response by MPs was: It is not an election issue.

I asked him to define an election issue.  "One that will cost an MP his/her seat."

I ask our patients to let me know of any errors in the foregoing.   The “Hold On” series of articles debunk some red herrings. Please read and network them.

Michael McKibbin DC


[i] Squandering Billions; health care in Canada. Bannerman, Gary et al . Publisher Hancock House page 213

[ii] Ibid page 235


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