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A Chiropractor’s Role

I have tested what I learnt as a student chiropractor upon tens of thousands of patients. I located and adjusted spinal faults that may disrupt the information-energy flow to and from the brain and the tissue cells.

I watched in awe as each patient’s inborn intelligence responded to subluxations being adjusted. If that patient was dead, without the power that made the body and heals the body, nothing that I could do would have made a difference.

The current guesstimate is that there are some of 37.2 trillion cells in the human body. The basic function of the nervous system’s control is total integration of all functional activities. Everything that you say, think or do is overseen by your nervous system.

Removing subluxations coincides with relief of a few evidence based, and a far wider array of probably never to be evidence based, subluxation related symptoms.

That is how I know that all people, from infants to seniors, should on a regular basis throughout their lifetime, have their spines checked for the presence of vertebral subluxations.

Michael McKibbin

Michael McKibbin

My liking of pets led to me to adjusting many dogs, cats and a black rabbit. Their outcomes validated that it does not matter if a spine is vertical or horizontal. Vertebrae subluxate and pets respond well to chiropractic care.

My chiropractic journey began a lifetime ago. I experienced medical treatment of my own symptoms and eventual chiropractic correction of the cause of those symptoms. That led me to study at the Palmer school of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, USA; where chiropractic first began.

At that time, senior chiropractic students took the same basic sciences examinations as, and in the company of, senior medical students. I passed the State Basic Science examinations in Des Moines Iowa.

In the 1960’s, WA was the first Australian State to register chiropractors. WA had few chiropractors and a need for more chiropractors. I made the wise choice to establish a practice in Attadale.

My early career experiences gave me an appreciation of managing sporting injuries. I was associated with various sporting clubs, including the East Fremantle football club.

Even little Aussies need Chiropractic help

Even little Aussies need Chiropractic help

3 Reasons for
Chiropractic Care

Our reasons for care is simple. Health is amongst our most valuable possessions. Its loss makes health’s recovery a priority. Millions of people who have lost some aspect of their health, have consulted chiropractors and recovered. Chiropractors offer two phases of care.

1. Relieve a patient’s current symptoms.

We understand that people have different expectations when they first visit our practice. Some are “whooshers” as soon as they feel better “whoosh” they are gone. Others are looking for management of an old underlying problem. Some seek to maintain long term, drug free optimal health.

  • So we start with relief care which involves:
  • Discovering the basic cause of your health problem.
  • Proposing a trial period of care to confirm and if possible reduce, or correct that cause.
  • Encourage patients to assist in their own recovery.

Clarify the value of maintaining a long term optimal drug free, healthy lifestyle.

2. Aiming to Retain a State of Wellness.

The world’s multitrillion illness industry greatly profits from an illness provoking lifestyle and as symptoms occur, treating them with drugs and/or surgery.

Chiropractors see true health as a journey, not as a destination. It attracts patients who seek to gain and retain optimal health, with no, or minimal use of drugs and/or surgery. Chiropractic puts nothing into, nor takes anything from, the body.

3. It is your journey, you are in charge.

As a patient you may choose to employ a chiropractor to aid your recovery from a health problem. The chiropractor and staff members serve your best interests. It’s your body, your own health, your future! We hope to make appropriate recommendations and work together to achieve your goals.

By making an appointment to discuss your health goals you can take the first step towards relief.
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History of Chiropractic

An Introduction to “Subluxation”.

In 1895, D.D. Palmer assumed that spinal bones could move out of place and influence the transmission of impulses between the brain and an organ. He removed that nerve interference and proved that could assist the body to restore normal function of an organ.

Palmer coined the terms chiropractic and subluxation. My chiropractic career has given me the opportunity to test Palmer’s theory on tens of thousands of patients.

Philosophy-subluxation based Chiropractic was not complimentary Medicine, nor was it an alternative to Medicine. It was a separate and distinct profession.

I found that: 1) Joints may lose their normal ranges of motion and position and adversely influence the transmission of impulses between the brain and an organ. 2) Restoring normal ranges of motion and position assisted the body to restore normal function of an organ. Chiropractic is the management of choice for subluxation related disorders.

Super-simplistically: The vertebrae may have lost their normal position, their joints lose normal ranges of motion, and this disrupts the nerve circuit that the vertebrae are supposed to house and protect. That applies to all spines of humans and many spines of non-human vertebrates.

Think of this: Telecom towers aid a five bar level of communication. A three bar reception is garbled, unintelligible.

We all have a bio-electrical system which is subject to interference. Some people go through life with a two or three bar, flawed reception. “I never feel as good as I should.” “I always catch whatever is going around.” “Other people have far more get up and go and get more out of life.”

They may be among the many people whom you will meet who may benefit from your referring them to us for care.

Individual subluxations have unique histories and effects. On a global scale and relating to the billions of vertebrates, disruptions to the spine related nerve communication may create a wide array of symptoms.

Some are, rarely, probably never, exactly identical in a large number of patients and so do not conform to the scientific criteria of being totally identical and infinitely reproducible in every aspect in different individuals. Most can never-ever be ‘evidence based’.

My chiropractic care is based on the fact that interferences to the nervous system may inhibit self-regulating, and self-healing mechanisms of the human body. My approach to better health is to locate and remove nerve interference so that the body may achieve an overall state of wellbeing.