Getting the Message?

Both your vertebrae and your discs combine to house and protect your spinal cord and the nerves that emit from it.  Your spinal cord convey messages to and from your brain via spinal nerves. In turn your spinal nerves convey messages from your brain to a very wide array of your body parts.


Hence, disruption to the nerve supply of some of the very wide array of body parts may be demonstrated in an array of seemingly unrelated non-evidence-based subluxation created symptoms.


Some symptoms are, rarely, probably never, exactly identical in a large number of patients and so cannot conform to the scientific criteria of being totally identical and infinitely reproducible in every aspect in different individuals. Most can never-ever become ‘evidence-based’.


During their decade’s long career chiropractors have the opportunity to observe that patients of all ages responded well to chiropractic care regardless if their subluxation related symptoms were either musculoskeletal or none-musculoskeletal symptoms or if they are, or are not, evidence based.

Remember!  Spinal care is a lifetime affair.