Crooked Spines

Spinal Disc Degeneration

I write about scoliosis from my fifty years of chiropractic clinical experiences and observations rather than from evidence based data!

Scoliosis is a term for a side-ways curve in a spine. Plural is scolioses.

TEMPORARY CROOKED SPINES; can be caused by trauma. Birth trauma frequently disrupts spines. Infants learning to walk and little ones have falls may initiate a curve. In my experience, an adjustment soon after the event restores normal alignment.

Over my decades and during my school talks on spinal care I have examined a lot of children who complained of spine related symptoms. Many had mild scolioses. Remarkably, some claimed to have complained to their parents, but their parent/s took no action to remedy their problem.

I asked students to create art work about the visit by the chiropractor. Some of their work was remarkably good. Later, I presented prizes for the best of them at the school assembly. That gave me the opportunity to speak to the assembled parents about scoliosis.

Chatting with either children or adults who have an acquired scoliosis reveals that most can refer to some incidence when their spine was exposed to excessive physical stress.  In practice and over five decades, many children have presented with sudden onset scoliosis after a recent injury.

If their parent/s follow through the scoliosis proves to be temporary. Again, I have had parents watch as I adjusted their child, observed the reduction and yet they failed to show up for future care.

Acute low back syndrome: Refers to sudden onset, recurrent, temporary painful crooked spines in adults. In my experience each bout of recurrent sudden onset scoliosis responds in a week or two. The predisposition remains, maintenance care seems to reduce the frequency of recurrences.

A wide array of neglect spinal injuries from accidents or injuries at play may cause developing spines to misalign. If done soon enough, reducing those subluxations generally allows the body to reduce the misalignments. But in adults many share a history of long term recurrent back pain and neglect.

Again, failure to follow through evidences that the weakest part of the spine is between the ears. Symptoms are there to let you know something is wrong! Simple!! Masking the symptoms with drugs does not locate and correct the cause! Simple!! Maybe if I leave it, it will go away! Rubbish!

Your body can tell you it is not coping well, most spinal pain is telling you that.  Get a chiropractor to find the fault, correct it, or reduce it, and leave your body to restore normal function. Note; in my opinion, spinal care is a lifetime affair, not just when worn out components eventually play up.

Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis occurs in some adolescents, mainly females.

Hospital Cost Analysis of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Correction Surgery (US costs)

The mean age of the patients was 15.2 years. The mean main thoracic curve measured 50degrees, and the thoracolumbar curve measured 41degrees. The cost, excluding charges by the anaesthesiologists and surgeon varied from: $29,955 for type 1, up to $60,754 for type 4.

I was shocked to find this! No controlled study, neither short, mid nor long-term, was found to reveal any substantial evidence to support surgery as a treatment for this condition. European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2008 June;44(2):177-93

Chiropractic does not restore normal alignment, but may relieve pain caused by excessive physical stress.

Years ago a mother brought her three boys in to show me their crooked spines. We discussed the chiropractic option of care. She did not follow through. I do not know what happened to them.