Towards Defining Unclassified Symptoms

Autonomic Nervous system



Peter L Rome DC

Michael R McKibbin DC

Table 1.


What benefit do you get out of seeing a chiropractor?

● “Adjustments help me cope with stress better. I am less panicky.”

● “Adjustments reduce my asthma. I use less Ventalin.”

● “After a visit to the chiropractor I have better bowel function.”

● “After being adjusted my range of neck movement improves, I think that may delay degeneration.”

● A nine year old, hyperactive boy, was asked what benefit he felt he got from ongoing adjustments. He pointed to his chest and said “Peace” when asked, “What else?” He responded, “Does there need to be anything else?”

● A singer sought adjustments because she felt she could simply “Sing better”.

● “Can that affect my breathing, because I can breathe easier?”

● “Decades ago I had frequent migraines, recurrent neck pain, and I always seemed to catch whatever was going around. Regular care seems to have stopped all that.”

● “Following chiropractic treatment Mason (16 months old) is now like a new baby.  His grizzling, crying and moaning has gone, and he is now a smiling, happy, and inquisitive little boy who spends his days exploring cupboards…”

● “For years I have had groin pain when I started to walk, regular adjustments minimize that.”

● “Hey, I can see more clearly.”

● “I am more articulate.”

● “I came because when I am adjusted I get a relief from the sense of tension in my bowels.”

● “I can deal with life a lot easier than if I didn’t have regular care.”

● “I can get my arm up to write on the board and hang washing out.”

● “I come because adjustments reduce my confusion, what is in my thoughts is not what I say, when I am adjusted my word order improves.”

● “ “I feel crotchety.”

●  “I feel a loss of concentration and acuity.”

● “I feel less confused.”

● “I feel more centred with more energy for recreation.”

● “I feel that after being adjusted my sense of health improves immediately.”

● “If I am adjusted on a regular basis my moods don’t fluctuate anywhere near as much and my hay fever is far less severe.”

● “I find I have less elbow pain, improved calmness, and my eyes are less sore and tired.”

● “I get adjusted regularly so that I have less period pain.”

● “I get happier and feel healthier.”

● “I lose my desire to go to bed too early.”

● “Improvement, that’s what I’m paying you for.”

● “I no longer catch everything that goes around and my moods are better. I pay you to keep me healthy and happy.”

● “I simply feel more confident.”

● “I noticed that while having regular chiropractic care my golf improved heaps. In 1995, my (golf) handicap was 45 and it same down to 14 as of October 1997.”

● “It improves the quality of my life.”

● “It is great that I actually need to sleep after an adjustment.”

● “I used to have one migraine a week and that has stopped.”

● “J” a chorister, surprised with this comment; “When my spine is well adjusted I gain greater depth and resonance, when singing I hold deeper notes and easily sing in tune.”

● ML was a 49 year old male executive.  He stated that he always knew when he needed a neck adjustment because his thinking was garbles and he lost concentration abilities.

● “My daughter’s lazy eye used to deviate, that is no longer as noticeable.  Her emotional related hives are nowhere near as severe or frequent, and she now eats what the others eat at meal-times.”

● “My golf game is off.”

● “My migraines went from one a week to one a month.”

● “My moods improve. I am less tense. I have more energy.”

● “My previous bouts of acute low back pain don’t recur if I have regular adjustments.”

● “My stinging eyes stop.”

● “My vision improves”.

● Patient D, an 8 year old boy, suggested to his mother after a stressful session of hyperactivity, irritability and aggressive behaviour, that he should be taken to his chiropractor by saying “I think I need to see the chiropractor.’

● “Prevents sinusitis headaches and painful eyes. My nose does not get red and blocked.”

● “Prior to being adjusted I could not recognise symptoms that meant I should see a chiropractor. After being adjusted I can compare my differences. That experience of knowing what is different and what I can do about it is very reassuring.”

● “Prior to being adjusted I find it hard to start sleeping, after an adjustment I can fade off”

● “Regular care helped me avoid having an advised lower back operation.”

● “Regular care seems to keep my health on an even keel.”

● “Spinal adjustments improve my libido.”

● “To avoid back surgery.”

●  “To avoid contagious ‘flues.”

● “When I have been adjusted I can control getting upset.”

● “When I need to be adjusted I get negative and upset, I can’t concentrate, I feel restless and I don’t want to go to bed.” (Patient X then went on to clearly describe how after being adjusted those symptoms reversed.)

● “When my back is out, my old fracture of the knee pains intolerably and when my back is adjusted the pain in the knee goes away.”

● “When my spine is well adjusted, I gain greater depth and resonance when singing (and) I hold deeper notes and easily sing in tune.”

● “With regular adjustments and exercise I am able to remain mobile and in less pain, without the aid of any drugs.”

● “With regular adjustments I can do light exercises. I am headache free and my health is immensely improved.”

● “With regular care I don’t get low back pain, I feel better and have fewer headaches.”

● “You adjust my back and my foot pain goes.”

(It is interesting to note that while these patients report symptoms, the clarity of their sense of wellbeing tends to suggest more of a diagnostic condition, many of which may not be a so-called named condition. – Au)