Keep Chiropractic available for all ages

In 5 days a petition titled Keep Chiropractic available for all ages in Australia had 25,528 signatures. Open to sign the petition and please ask as many adults as possible to also sign in. Please express your support by including a comment when you sign the petition.

Email your federal MP and ask her/him to clearly state if she/he supports or opposes this ban. Please express your support of the liberty of children to have chiropractic care in emails to the mainstream media and via, they initiated this fiasco.

The current ground work is being set by Australia’s media widely disparaged chiropractors for adjusting babies, with no basis of harm to the infants.

Displaying chiropractors adjusting babies on TV resulted in chiropractors being called to account by the Chiropractors Registration Board.

As well, the Vic Minister for Health has called for legislation to ban chiropractic care of infants to children up to and including age 11, that will be considered by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG).

Throughout chiropractic’s history in Australia, the untrustworthiness of pharmacy based medicine, key people in government and our mainstream media has been apparent. If this trade war is not stopped it will move toward the elimination of chiropractic.

Evidence based Medical care of Children?

Off-label prescribing refers to the prescription of a registered medicine for other than its proven use. Widespread non-evidence based prescribing reflects the disturbing influence of pharmaceutical sales representatives on prescribing patterns. As Beatrice Faust says; “At present, in Australia and elsewhere, we have the spectacle of the most prestigious and most expensively educated of the professions depending for its information on persons who need have no more qualifications than basic literacy and a driver’s license.”

Though not evidence based the rate of off-label prescribing is up to 40% in adults and up to 90% in paediatric patients. Decades ago, 10,000 infants all over the world were affected, and countless others died in utero when many doctors prescribed thalidomide for the off-label treatment of morning sickness.